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The body perfume power gives the fragrant impression for your personality. With the sweat stopping prescription, the antiperspirant power brings you a refreshing summer. The convenient puff type lame powder which you can carry with you and use it in the party or other places, you will be the shining start.

Essence Moisture Mask

Trusted facial mask manufacturers. 【 NOIR Natto Extract Moisture Mask 】 This mask with the natto extract (PGA) which is imported from Japan and water soluble collagen and vitamin C, making the protection on the surface of the skin. Furthermore it replenishes the hydrate quickly, keeps moisture holding ability, make your skin more elasticity. 【 NOIR Root Extract Whiting Mask 】 NOIR Root Extract Whiting Mask control the formation of tyrosine caused by ultraviolet ray, and strengthen the structure of skin cells. It also helps make your skin transparent and elastic with the extracts of aloe, cucumber, hyaluronic acid deep into skin.

COOL/ HOT Face Mask

Dedicated facial mask manufacturers. Relaxing & Refreshing Face Mask * Cool: Cool it in a refrigerator for 1~2 hours then use it. * Hot: Put it in 35~40℃ water about 3~5 mins, wipe off water on it then use it.